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What Makes Angel Locsin Beautiful and Sexy?

"It’s always good to be inspired! When you’re happy, everything’s right in the world; more exciting. It helps a lot when I’m doing happy roles. And he (Phil)  makes me feel beautiful!,"  Angel said at her recent launch of Avon’s new fragrance, Slip Into.

When Angel emerged looking a lot trimmer at a recent product launch, not a few wondered if the 27-year-old star had been preparing for a possible reprise of her role as “Darna.”

“It just so happened that I’ve been taking really good care of myself, and watching what I eat these days,” she added. If I indeed get the opportunity (to play Darna again), at least I’m ready.”

Here are excerpts from the Inquirer interview with Angel.

Are you willing to do “Darna” again?

“Darna” will always be a part of me, and I kind of missed playing the character. But of course I wonder if it’s still the right project for me, because I’ve already done it before. You also have to consider if the audience still wants me or someone new. I don’t want to force myself. However, if I can show something new and different about the character, then why not?

How do you keep challenging yourself as an actress?

I get bored quite easily when I do the same things, so I try to do a bit of everything. I’ve done fantasy, horror, action, drama and now, comedy. I’ll gain nothing if I only think about fame, instead of my craft. I want to earn the respect and appreciation of my coworkers.

How do you feel about fame?

Of course, it feels great when people know you. But I don’t want to be consumed by fame. It’s not right. I’m not that type of person. I don’t like the feeling that I’m competing with other actresses, especially if they’re my friends.

What kind of projects do you want to do?

I miss doing horror films. I also hope to get action or fantasy projects soon. Right now, I do more romantic dramas and serious roles, and that’s great, too. I never thought that I could be a dramatic actress! At least I got to explore that side of me.

What’s your dream role?

I want something similar to G.I. Jane’s character. I’d also like to portray a historic figure like Gabriela Silang someday. I want to tackle women characters who are sad and get hurt, but know how to rise up again. I want to play roles that will empower women, and make them appreciate themselves.

Who do you look up to in show biz?

I won’t forget Amy Austria, who was my costar in “Mulawin.” She taught me the importance of giving my all in every scene. Once, during a voice-over recording session, I was surprised to see Tita Amy crying while reading her lines.

“But it’s just a voice-over,” I told her. To which she replied: “You can never fool your viewers, so why deprive them of the emotions that they should be getting from you? It’s your job.”

I was also amazed that an actress of her caliber can be so humble. She was like a teacher. -vaInquirerEntertainment-

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